How to Learn Faster If You Are Not a Genius

Simple tools to learn any skill faster.

Image by aytuguluturk from Pixabay

A technique to help you learn anything faster

Here’s the thing: whatever you want to learn, don’t just pick a course and dive straight into it — most curricula, whether online or in school, aren’t optimised for your personal needs.

1 — Know your type of motivation to learn

When you learn something new, your motivation is either internal or external.

2 — Build the structure before you start

Learning a skill is like navigating a building to look for a treasure.

“It is important to view knowledge as a tree. Make sure you understand the fundamental principles (the trunk and big branches) before you get into the leaves (details) or there is nothing for them to hang on to.”

— Elon Musk

3 — Know where to start and what to leave

Knowing where to start and what to leave later will make a massive difference to your learning speed. The B.E.E (Benchmark, Emphasis, and Exclude) method will help you do that. This brings you to the third step.


  • Gather highly rated resources — best selling online courses, books, articles, and top university courses.
  • Download the syllabus of the resources you gathered.
  • Look for common patterns in these syllabi.
  • Focus on areas with maximum overlap.

Emphasise and Exclude

To reach the desired level of mastery as soon as possible, you must customise your curriculum to fit your personal goal.

  • If you want to build apps quickly, focus on app development rather than theories of computer science.

Take Away

Super learning is not talent or genius-linked; it’s a skill you can learn to increase your learning speed greatly.

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