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A tool that will boost your learning speed.

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By improving their learning speed, some people achieved seemingly impossible feats. One student finished the MIT computer science curriculum in one year instead of four. Another learned nine languages while touring Europe.

The crazy thing is these super learners are not born like this — they learn to learn faster as you would any other skill. Yes, you can boost your learning speed.

Finishing college in a year and speaking nine languages are extreme cases. Yet, boosting your learning speed, even by little, grants you huge long term benefits.

If you learn to learn faster, your career or business grows…

Acquired through grit, not given.

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I was fortunate to interact and learn from lots of smart people. From my years as a research scientist to the projects I helped build as a software developer, the teams I worked with faced tough challenges and sometimes failed along the way. But we always pulled a form of success from the endeavour.

Whatever the project, the field, and the exceptional people I worked with, I saw four big qualities that smart people have. These qualities helped them achieve their goals, grow personally, and learn more. …

The billionaire is not all wisdom. But here’s what you can learn from his blunder.

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“Colleges are basically for fun and to prove you can do your chores. But they are not for learning.”

This is what Elon Musk said in an interview. I’m actually baffled by the number of likes the video had, especially since the statement is rather silly.

To survive and thrive, a college education is crucial for many people worldwide, particularly in low-income countries. Higher education is shown to shrink poverty on a global scale. According to UNESCO, teenage girls are five times more likely to get pregnant when they skip college education. …

From a Stanford neuroscientist and a Berkeley educational specialist.

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A few years ago, a University of Pennsylvania Professor named Erling Boe made a strange discovery.

Every year, countries compete in what’s known as TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study). But before the test, students are asked to complete a very long survey of 120 questions. This task is so tedious that many students skip lots of questions.

Now here’s the interesting part. Boe found he could precisely predict the top winning countries by ranking them based on the average number of questions answered on that survey.

In other words, students who are patient and focused enough to…

A personal growth masterclass from someone without freedom or resources.

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Christopher Havens, a convicted murderer serving a twenty-five-year sentence, is the lead author of a world-class discovery in mathematics. He made the breakthrough in collaboration with renowned university researchers. But Chris, the leading author, never finished high school.

Even as a movie script, this would be far fetched. Who would think that someone can master advanced mathematics without higher education, let alone from a prison cell? That’s why Chris's story is worth investigating, as it carries a great lesson in time management, learning, and achieving the unthinkable even in total lockdown and with limited resources.

But how exactly did Chris…

“You can only connect the dots looking backwards” — Steve Jobs.

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Try to solve this puzzle:

A bacteria doubles every twenty-four hours. It takes thirty days to fills a lake. On what day is the lake half-full?

Guess fast; the answer is quite easy. Did you find it?

Don’t feel bad if this seems hard at first glance. Because you’re trying to solve the problem forward, it’s hard to see the answer right away. Try again by looking at the problem backwards. Here’s how to do it:

The lake is full in day thirty. How about in day twenty-nine? Since the bacteria doubles every twenty-four hours, this means it should be…

To be fully committed, you must unlock three levels of motivation.

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In his best selling book Bad Blood, John Carreyrou reveals the incredible story of Elisabeth Holmes. This Silicon Valley entrepreneur faked a blood-testing technology and made billions of dollars selling false hopes to patients and hospitals. When Holmes was a child, a family member asked her: “What do you want to be in the future.” “I want to be a billionaire.” She said.

Elisabeth Holmes perfectly embodies the ego-centred dreamer. Someone who uses whatever means to an end, even at the expense of their virtue.

Most of us won’t become criminals to achieve their goals. Still, a self-centred purpose can…

Five rules from someone who was told he had a broken brain.

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Jim Kwik, who survived a life-threatening brain-injury as a child, suffered a learning disability for fifteen years. Yet, he completely flipped his life and became one of America’s most acclaimed performance coaches.

Movie stars and billionaire entrepreneurs regularly hire him for all sort of needs, ranging from speed reading and memory enhancement to learning skills faster than their competitors. Speed learning became his brand, which Kwik often refers to as “the greatest skill of the twenty-first century.”

From someone who struggled at school to teach others how to learn, Kwik’s success shows how you can turn your problems into growth…

Flow is not enough to reach mastery.

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When a young Albert Einstein worked at the Bern patent office — an occupation for which he was overqualified — he would often finish his daily work in a few hours. He would then spend his afternoons watching trains coming and leaving the station, letting his mind wander. Back at home from work, he would tell Mileva (his wife): “I thought about something unusual today …”

  • “What happens if a train goes faster than light?”
  • “What happens to earth if the sun suddenly vanishes?”
  • “Is falling the same as floating in space?”

Walter Isaacson, who penned Einstein’s biography, noted that…

No matter your job or major.

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Thinking in better ways is a skill anyone can learn. And by learning to think better, you’ll have a serious edge over your peers.

Mental models, which are patterns of thinking, can help you do just that. They improve your problem-solving and show you better ways of engaging with the world.

Strive to master a few mental models, and you’ll:

  • Innovate in unprecedented ways.
  • Manage your time better.
  • Make smarter decisions in studying, business, art, career, relationships.

Here are five mental models that are extremely useful in real-life situations. …

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