Myopia and vision problems are rising dramatically. Follow these tips to protect your eyes and prevent age-related degeneration.

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The Kawymeno Waorani are a small tribe of people living in total isolation from the modern world. Burrowed deep inside the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, they never discovered agriculture, still hunt their food, and speak a language that shares no words with any known language. …

Since it isn’t done the right way, managers think we should go back to the office.

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While your boss might want you back in the office, scientific evidence suggests you’re better off working from home. Yes, remote meetings generate more and better ideas than office meetings.

Sadly, most leaders are ignorant of this fact. They cling to the false belief that remote work makes brainstorming hard…

The brain of fiction readers is wired differently.

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Empathy is in decline. A study looked at tests that measured empathy from 1979 to 2009. Verdict? Researchers saw a sharp decline of 48% in overall scores. And this decline doesn’t even include the last decade. If it did, the drop would probably be more significant.

Empathy is the ability…

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